The 225th Washington County Agricultural Fair is proud to announce its 225th anniversary plans to celebrate this milestone before, during and after the annual event. Keep reading to learn more about what the Washington County Agricultural Fair has planned.

The Memorial Plaza – Commemorative Personalized Pavers
We will build and dedicate the 225th Memorial Plaza, which will feature fair history, commemorative images, and commemorative personalized pavers. These pavers are an excellent opportunity for you to leave your mark on the fairgrounds and be a part of this historic moment. The commemorative personalized pavers will cost $225 for a 4” by 8’ paver and $425 for an 8” by 8” paver. All proceeds benefit the Washington County Agricultural Fair, a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Anniversary Mural
We have commissioned a local artist to create a mural that will showcase the history and evolution of the Washington County Agricultural Fair. This mural will be on the exterior of a building next to the Anniversary Plaza. It will be a permanent display and will make for a great photo opportunity for visitors.

Opening Parade
The opening parade will be a highlight of the 225th edition of the fair. We have invited past and present fair exhibitors to participate in the parade, showcasing the traditions and history of the fair.

225th Anniversary Themed and Traveling – Antique Truck and Tractor Exhibit
We will have an antique truck and tractor traveling exhibit, which will showcase the evolution of agriculture and farming practices in Washington County. This exhibit will be the 225th anniversary themed, and we encourage everyone to come out, take a picture and learn about the rich history of agriculture in our community.

Major Concert
We will be announcing a major concert for the fair, featuring a popular country artist. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting event.

Commemorative Magazine
We will be producing a special commemorative magazine that will feature the history of the Washington County Agricultural Fair and the special events and activities planned for the 225th anniversary celebration.

Commemorative Ticket
We will be producing a special commemorative ticket that will be handed out at the gate as part of Opening Day celebrations.

Join us for this special occasion as we celebrate 225 years of agriculture, tradition, and community at the Washington County Agricultural Fair. We look forward to seeing you there!