Throughout history agriculture has played a substantial role in the way our world functions. The way the agriculture sectors are performing closely affect the quality of life given in a society.

If you want to learn about the importance of agriculture in Washington County and throughout the world then just keep reading.

Agriculture is the Source of Our Food Supply

Whether it’s on a local, national, or global level, agriculture’s most significant reason for being important is that it is the main source of our food supply. Spices, fruits, vegetables, and livestock are all agriculturally sourced from farms.

That being said, countries that deal with food insecurity and scarcity issues usually face this kind of hardship due to the hardships their agriculture sector is facing. This is why when communities’ agricultural sectors are thriving, the amount of those who are hungry decreases.

Agriculture Plays a Vital Role in the Economy

A community’s economic development is closely tied to the agriculture sector that exists in the community.

The price of groceries is closely correlated with the way the agricultural sector is performing; when it is performing poorly, prices will increase in response. On a state, national, and international level, the trade of agriculturally produced goods and livestock helps bring in a substantial amount of revenue to those areas who are exporting said goods.

Another way that agriculture plays a vital role in the economy is through the jobs the agricultural industry provides. Whether it’s the mechanic who fixes farm equipment, the truckers who drive produce and farmed goods to the stores, the staff at the market who sells the farmed goods, or the farmers themselves, the agriculture industry provides a wide variety of employment opportunities that benefit society on all differing levels.

Agriculture Can Help the Environment

When many people think of the impacts that agriculture has they often forget one of the most important significance it has– helping the environment.
Agriculture helps the environment in many different ways like promoting biodiversity, protecting watersheds and improving water quality, improving soil health, reducing erosion and preserving habitats just to name a few. Without the focus we as a society put on agriculture, the environment would be impacted negatively.

Agriculture Brings the Community Together

From local agricultural fairs like the Washington Agricultural Fair to farmers markets both big and small, agriculture is reputable for bringing communities together.

Throughout the summer months and into early fall, Washington County is scattered with various different farmers markets bringing fresh produce and livestock to the hands and table of the community. Farmer markets allow for the community to interact with those who farm the goods that they bring to their dinner tables while providing an ideal environment to socialize with other locals in the community.

When agriculture isn’t bringing people together in the summer months through the form of farmer markets it is bringing people together through local agricultural fairs. In August, the Washington County Agricultural Fair offers a week-long event full of over 2,000 farm animals, 2,600 agricultural exhibits, live entertainment, food and goods from local vendors, and so much more. This agriculturally centered event brings thousands of people in the community together every year and really hones in on how important agriculture is in not just Washington County, but the world.