Date Time Event Details Location
June 15 9 AM Paranzino Brothers Auction Now is the time to come and buy building materials if you are remodeling and need items for the home. Hall 1
June 22, 23 9 AM- 4 PM Gun Show Sale For more information, call Fred Burgdolt at (724) 948-3571 All Halls
June 27-29 PA Trappers Rendezvous For more information and full schedule, visit Fairgrounds
July 13, 14 10 AM - 4 PM Duncan Miller Glass Show The very best glass show in the Tri-State area Halls 2, 4, 4-H, Kitchen
August 11-17 Washington County Fair 7 days of fun-filled action with vendors, animals, backed goods, entertainment and so much more.

August 11 - 17, 2019

Washington County

Agricultural Fair