The Washington County Fair grounds have a number of facilities to meet your special needs. We offer a comfortable atmosphere with plenty of spacious accommodations. It is great for hosting corporate/holiday parties, receptions, reunions, business meetings/seminars, awards celebrations, and more! There are Halls that can be arranged in either banquet or theater styles. The Halls come with several amenities that are included in the rental cost. Additional amenities can be rented as well, including: usage of kitchen, stage, tables, chairs, picnic tables, podium, and sound system. A list of local florists and caterers can be obtained from the office. We do allow off-site catering services to come in and use our facilities to cater events. We also offer several open-sided and closed barns, and pavilions for renting.

Our grounds are broken down into individual sections that can be rented daily or weekly!  Each section varies in size. The grounds are great for festivals, car/boat/motorcycle shows, circuses, concerts, carnivals and much more! The roads and walkways within the Expo grounds are well paved and maintained.

NOTE: Rentals are not available immediately before and after the annual Fair. During this time, everything is being set-up and cleaned for the event.

For addition information, rental rates and to get a tour of the facilities, please call the Fair Office.

Expo Exhibit Hall02

Dimensions: 48’ x 110’ or 4,425 sq. ft.
Seating Capacity: 300 People with 30 Round Tables of 10 or 400 People with 50 Rectangular Tables of 8
Features: Completely Enclosed with Heating and Air Conditioning. Electrical, Water, Restrooms. Tiled Floors. Drop Ceiling. Stages Available.

Dimensions: 48’ x 125’ or 5,290 sq. ft.
Seating Capacity: 360 People with 36 Round Table of 10 or 448 People with 56 Rectangular Tables of 8
Features: Completely Enclosed with Heating and Air Conditioning. Electrical, Water, Restrooms. Tiled Floors. Drop Ceiling. Stages Available.Food CourtCOVERED FOOD COURT AREA
Dimensions: 30’ x 120’
Features: Undercover Between Halls #2 & #4

Dimensions: 100’ x 175’
Seating Capacity: Holds Approximately 1,500 People
Features: Completely Enclosed with Heating. Electrical, Water, Restrooms. Cement Floors

Dimensions: 33’ x 99’
Seating Capacity:
Completely Enclosed with  Electrical. Cement Floors.4-H Bldg4-H BUILDING
Dimensions: 58’ x 80’
Seating Capacity:
Features: Completely Enclosed with Heating, Electrical, Restrooms.

Dimensions: 48’ x 85’ with Stage
Seating Capacity:
Completely Undercover. Restrooms near Draft Horse Barn.

Expo Buildings02
history today04

Seating Capacity: Unlimited Open-Air Seating for Large Gatherings
Features: Electrical, Water, Restrooms, Outdoor Stage and 1/2 Mile Dirt Racetrack.

Expo Show Arena02

Seating Capacity: Enclosed with Grandstand-Type Seating for Small to Medium Gatherings
Features: Electrical, Water, Restrooms.

Expo Livestock02

Features: Electrical, Water. 10 Large, Open and Enclosed Livestock Barns with Various Stall and Corral Configurations.

Exhibitor 102
Expo Craft02
Expo Wedding 102

August 11 - 18, 2018

Washington County

Agricultural Fair